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Nextdoor for Public Services

Communicate with verified residents in your service area with Nextdoor's neighbourhood engagement tool for local councils, government agencies, not-for-profit service providers and community organisations.

Nextdoor is free for all public services in Australia.

Thousands of public services around the world use Nextdoor to create stronger and more resilient communities communities. With a unique mapping feature that enables instant distribution to the people in your service area, public services can effectively communicate and engage with verified residents.

Reach the right audience

Communicate with verified residents who live in your service area.

Geo-target your posts

Post relevant messages to specific neighbourhoods or service areas.

See real-world results

Increase attendance at events and inspire your community to take action.

Public services across Australia are already using Nextdoor

Jerome Laxale


City of Ryde

"Nextdoor is a great digital platform for reaching local residents. It’s been particularly helpful during Covid-19 to help make sure residents have access to critical information and support when they need it most.”

David Goldman

Executive General Manager - Brand and Marketing

Relationships Australia, NSW

"Nextdoor has helped our communities develop and facilitated a new level of engagement with the police. Through Nextdoor, we know we are instantly talking to the right people."

Peter Price

Director/ CEO

Crime Stoppers (NSW)

"Nextdoor has provided Crime Stoppers with a large voice. It’s enabled us to reach more people in an efficient manner. This has helped our public engagement and is also an opportunity to provide crime prevention education."

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Nextdoor is proud to partner with public services across Australia

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