Take the KIND Challenge

Knowing at least 6 neighbours can reduce loneliness

Connect through acts of kindness and combat loneliness in your neighbourhood

Now we’re asking neighbours everywhere to take the challenge.

Nextdoor has partnered with leading researchers on a first-of-its-kind global study looking into how small acts of kindness can reduce loneliness in neighbourhoods over a four-week period.

Participants were asked to perform (COVID-19 safe) acts of kindness such as: 

     Have regular contact with a neighbour

     Show care and concern for a neighbour

     Help a neighbour

     Provide advice or helpful information to a neighbour

     Contribute to a larger neighbourhood effort, action,  or activity


Small Acts of Kindness Reduce the Likelihood of Loneliness

What We Discovered

Knowing as few as six neighbours reduces the likelihood of feeling lonely and is linked to lowering depression, social anxiety, and financial concerns related to COVID-19.

Even the smallest actions, such as saying hello to a neighbour, increased neighbourhood unity.  

Performing small acts of kindness for neighbours reduces the likelihood of feeling lonely and socially isolated.

Get Inspired

What can you do to reduce loneliness in your community? Here are some ideas:

Check-in with your neighbour over a virtual cup of coffee

Go for a socially distanced walk with your neighbour

Help your neighbour out by shoveling their driveway

Recommend your favourite book to your neighbour and then have a virtual chat about it

Join a group and connect with neighbours to share your ideas. The possibilities nearby are endless...

Organize a neighbourhood food drive

Ask The Experts

Dr. Michelle Lim

Prof. Julianne Holt-Lunstad

Prof. Pamela Qualter

Dr. Lim is a leading expert from Australia who specialises in the impact of loneliness on mental health.

Dr. Holt-Lunstad is a leading expert from the United States who specialises in social isolation and the influence of social relationships on long-term health. 

Dr. Qualter is a leading expert from the United Kingdom who specialises in child and adolescent loneliness.

Share Your Story

Has your neighbour done an act of kindness for you lately? Let us know:

Support and Resources

Loneliness is a public health issue that deeply affects our mental health. If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, please know there are resources available to support you. Here are just a few:

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