Thank you, Neighbour!

Proximity becomes vital in times of uncertainty, and Australians have certainly faced challenging times in the last 12 months. Between droughts, bushfires, floods, and now the ongoing pandemic, it’s been tough. However, it’s also a period of time that we will all reflect on because we saw more togetherness than ever before. Neighbours are the first line of support, and we will remember those that were there for us when we needed help the most .

With restrictions in Australia easing (for more information please go here), it’s time to recognise the acts of kindness in your neighbourhood, no matter how big or small. 

That's why we've created a 'Thank You, Neighbour' card so you can spread kindness in three simple steps! 

A helping hand

3 easy steps to give thanks!







We’ve created a Thank You, Neighbour card that you can download or print. Select which version you’d like to use. 

Share your card with your neighbour!



Keep spreading kindness! With all of the help we've been fortunate to receive, there's more than one person that deserves praise.

Go back to Step 1 and repeat. Giving thanks helps create a kinder world.



 At Nextdoor, we hope to cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighbourhood they can rely on. It’s not just about the big acts of kindness, the little things add up, and small gestures can go a long way. 


There has been a 523% lift in neighbours talking about helping each other on Nextdoor since January. Kindness is becoming a daily habit, and we believe it is contagious.  


While Australians aren't the type to search for praise when lending a hand or helping a mate, it's important to recognise those around you. Maybe it’s the neighbour who dropped off flour or yeast in a time of need, maybe it’s the bus driver who has continued to work, or it could be the nurse who lives Nextdoor. Everyone deserves a special shout-out. 

An extra special thanks

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