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Nextdoor is available for all neighbourhoods in the UK

Communicate with verified residents in your service area with Nextdoor's neighbourhood engagement tool for local councils, police forces, fire services and the NHS.

Thousands of public services around the world use Nextdoor to engage with communities. With a unique mapping feature that enables you to post messages at a hyper-local level to neighbours in your service area, public services can effectively communicate with verified residents.

Reach the right audience

Communicate with verified residents who live directly in your 

service area.

Geo-target your posts

Post relevant messages to specific neighbourhoods or service areas.

Contact residents with vital, timely information with Emergency Alerts

Increase resident engagement and get feedback from communities you serve.

Hundreds of public services across the UK are already using Nextdoor

PCSO David Haywood

Metropolitan Police

Inspector Brian Mills

Police Service in Northern Ireland

Cllr Sue MacMillan

Cabinet Member for Strategy

"Nextdoor has really helped the PSNI to connect with a diverse range of residents in cities, towns and rural areas across Northern Ireland. One great feature for us is knowing we are instantly talking to the right people. Nextdoor has helped our communities develop and facilitated a new level of engagement with the police."

"Nextdoor is already proving to be an important tool for communicating with our residents. We can post as individual officers, increasing our visibility and driving really strong engagement. It’s great to be able to post polls, publicise events and send urgent alerts."

"Nextdoor is a great digital platform for reaching local residents. Whether it’s for an emergency, asking for ideas on how to improve neighbourhoods, or simply keeping residents informed, Nextdoor gives us the rare opportunity to engage directly.”

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